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My Schoener Family Line

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Picking up where I left off with the arrival of Hans Adam Schoener in America, I will now continue with his descendants down to my grandfather.

Hans Jurg Schoener was the second child born to Hans Daniel Schoener in America, born about 1720. He married Hannah Margaretha Reichard, but I have added an asterisk (*) by her name because I believe she is Hans Jurg's first wife and died on 7 February 1746 "in confinement"(the term used for giving birth to a child). This is per the New Hanover Lutheran Church baptismal and death records. Her death would have occurred 4 days after the birth of her son, Johann George Schoener, who was then baptized on 9 February 1746.

As a result, Hans Jurg remarried and had 2 more sons, including my great x 5 grandfather, Wilhelm Schoener, born 3 December 1749. He was baptized on 8 April 1750 and his parents were listed as Hans Jurg and Eva Margareth. His name was listed as Johann Wilhelm Schiner. The witnesses were Johann Wilhelm Reichard and Matthias Hollenbach.

To date, I have not been able to identify Johann Wilhelm's mother.


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