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New DNA Test Results - HomeDNA

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

I have recently received the results of two new DNA tests and thought I would share the results. In this post I will review the findings of HomeDNA.

For HomeDNA I found the results to be quite different than prior tests. Maybe it was because of how they broke out their "Gene Pool Regions".

Map of Fennoscandia

Here are my top 3 Gene Pool Regions:

Immediately, this is markedly different than all prior tests and include a significantly large pool in Western Siberia.

Here is there overall breakdown of my DNA ancestry (prepare yourself for some shocking and/or intriguing results):

To me, anything below #4 is a surprise.

According to HomeDNA, there were two migrations for my ancestors. One took place from Norway to Scotland prior to 463 AD and the other occurred from Poland to Ukraine prior to 536 AD.

Are these results accurate? Based upon my research, I would say no, but maybe it has to do with their "algorithm". Sure, I may share some DNA with people who reside in those regions, but that, to me, speaks to all of humankind and population migration in general and not specifically to my story. Regardless, the results are intriguing and put a different spin on what I have previously received from DNA test results.


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