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The Gardiners and a Second DuBois Connection

Let me now introduce the Gardiners, another Quaker family who left England and settled in "West Jersey." In this line, there is also another connection to Louis and Catherine DuBois, the originators of the family in America.

Before I start, let me state in the interest of full disclosure, this is the post that I had intended for last Sunday. I had traced it back to my 11th great grandparents. I had written a lot about the history of the Gardiners and their achievements as prominent Quakers in Burlington County. However, something was nagging me about the link between my definitive Gardiner ancestor, Dr. Andrew Gardiner, and his parents. According to other family trees on Ancestry, his parents were Thomas and Hannah (nee Mathews) Gardiner. Everything fit together well, as far as timing and, for the most part, location. The alleged parents lived in Burlington County and Andrew lived in Salem County. While they are separated Gloucester County at the time (2 counties today - Gloucester and Camden), it was not improbable that they were related. What broke the relationship was the discovery of the abstract of Thomas Gardiner's will.

Based upon that, Thomas only had one son and it was not Andrew. Other family trees had Andrew as born in Nantucket to Nathaniel and Abigail (nee Coffin) Gardner. While they did have a son named Andrew who was born in the same year as my Andrew (1699), the Nantucket Andrew died in 1782, 33 years after Salem County Andrew. So Nathaniel and Abigail were not his parents either.

If I had proceeded with the post, I would have been breaking two of the Golden Rules: #2 Assume Nothing and check all facts and #8 Just Because It's Online Doesn't Mean It's True. That is why I decided to post those Golden Rules instead of my intended post.

Now, without further delay, let me proceed with my updated post.

The farthest I can trace back to on the Gardiner line is Andrew Gardiner. As stated above, I am not sure who his parents were. Nor am I certain when he arrived in Salem County or where he came from. What I do know is that he was a "doctor of physick" and married Hope Robbins (or Robins).

So, for now, the question about who his parents were remains unanswered, but I am constantly researching and will update as new information becomes available.

You may notice, if you look at my 4th great grandparents, that my grandmother's surname was "DuBois." This is a second connection to Louis and Catherine DuBois, the founders of the line in America, along with the straight descent on my mother's side, as shown below.


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