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The Horners

The Phoenix (close approximation, according to the Mariners Museum in Newport News, VA)

On Thursday, 2 November 1752, Johann Melcher (Malachi) Hörner appeared at the Court House in Philadelphia, PA. He took the oath of allegiance (the usual Qualifications to the Government) before Edward Shippen IV, Esquire.

He had arrived aboard the ship Phoenix, commanded by John Spurrier. It had sailed from Rotterdam to Portsmouth, England before ending its voyage in Philadelphia. With him were his brothers Georg and Johann Jacob Hörner. They were the sons of Frederick and Abigail.

Malachi and Georg would settle across the Delaware River in New Jersey and establish separate family lines. Malachi would become a farmer in the Mullica Hill area of Gloucester County while Georg would settle to the southwest in Auburn, Salem County. Thus, there were the "Mullica Hill Horners" and the "Auburn Horners." They would also marry sisters. Malachi married Elizabeth Weaver; Georg married Hannah Weaver.

Malachiah and Elizabeth had at least 10 children; seven sons and three daughters. The last child, Benjamin, was born on 17 December 1782.

When he died on 20 December 1783 at the age of 50, his will stipulated that 1/3 in value of the moveable estate and the other 2/3 to be sold and the money to be put to interest for the support of his children. His wife was to have the use of the lands for 9 years. Another portion of land was split between his two oldest sons, George and Malachi Jr. and the other children received £5 each.

His next two eldest sons, Jacob and John would move and settle in Washington County, Indiana by 1817. The second to last son, Frederick, was referred to as a miller at the time of his 1802 marriage and it is clear that he milled in New Jersey with his brother-in-law Christopher Knisell. He subsequently relocated to New York, ultimately in Syracuse, Onondaga County.


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