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Who Do I Think I Am?

This is a question we may all have asked ourselves at one point. It is this that has led me to create this site. Here I will share results of different DNA tests, detail branches of my family tree and share individual stories.

To date, I have taken 3 different DNA tests (AncestryDNA, 23 and Me, and Family Tree DNA). The results have been similar, but you can judge for yourself:


84% England, Wales and Northwestern Europe

6% Ireland and Scotland

5% Germanic Europe

3% Sweden

2% France

From my profile

23 And Me:

42.1% British and Irish

39.7% French and German

15.3% Broadly Northwestern European

1.4% Scandinavian

0.8% Broadly European

0.4% Broadly Western Asian and North African

Family Tree DNA:

51% British Isles

25% West and Central European

13% Southeastern European

7% Scandinavian

4% Eastern European

The results are similar, despite varying percentages. I found them very interesting and intriguing, particularly since I anticipated being mainly the following: German, French, Irish and Dutch. At the time, that was the extent of my understanding of my family tree. Perhaps the most shocking fact was the high percentage of British Isles. After receiving these numbers, I dug back even deeper into the family history and found that the numbers made sense. Maybe there is something to this DNA science after all.


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